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B A S I C   I D E A :  the homonymous sea animal widely known as sea urchin, the shape of which has been one of the most celebrated in ancient Greek architecture. Having respected nature's five star pattern that characterizes many other of its wise and beautiful creations such as the asterias and numerous flowers, we kept five wide zones adorned with small amethysts, while filling the rest of the shape's space with pairs of light diamond strings, achieving thus the most desired lightness in volume, without making the cufflink heavy to wear or to look at.

M E T A L :  Solid White 18K Platinized Gold

L I T H S : Zoizite ( Tanzanite ) primary stone, Amethysts and Diamonds

O N O M A T O L O G Y   E T Y M O L O G Y : echinus > Gr. Ekhinos ( = sea urchin )

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