Our team consists of an architect – engineer, surrounded by a team of very experienced goldsmiths.

A  few words about the designer  XARIS APERGI :

Born in Athens, Greece in 1968 and with her roots in Tinos island, Xaris Apergi graduated from the National Technical University of Athens (1987-1992), as an engineer specializing in Architecture.

Further studies in Paris ( Universite d'Architecture Paris-La-Villette ), in psychology of the built space. At the same time she studies marble carving in the Jean Francois Atelier de Sculpture in Paris.

In 1996 she starts working as an architect specializing in renovation of neoclassical buildings in Athens .

In 1997 she works as an assistant in Dimitris Armakolas' ( well known greek sculptor ) sculpture studio at Varnavas Attica, where she starts working with clay in figurative art.

The years 1998-1999 she continues learning the art of marble carving in Stratis Filippotis sculpture workhouse.

In 2000 she exhibits for the first time marble sculptures . 

During the years 2009 - 2012 she studies to become a goldsmith ,graduating from the Galileo School in Athens.

In 2012 she creates IRIDAN , a company that promotes greek art worldwide and that includes the e-shop APERGI that sells jewellery designed exclusively by her. All her designs are inspired by Nature, Architecture and Mathematics, especially the Golden Proportion Rule (Golden Section). Apergi designs are voluminous yet very light to the eye, and are a result of traditional techniques combined with the latest computer technology.

She currently lives and works as an architect, sculptor and jewellery designer in Athens.

T H I S   W E B S I T E   I S    D E D I C A T E D   T O   M Y   G R A N D F A T H E R   K O N S T A N T I N O S   A P E R G I S ,   M Y   M O T H E R   T H E T I S   A P E R G I   A N D    MY    D E A R   T E A C H E R S   K O N S T A N T I N O S   A N D    E M M A N U E L   Z A C H A R A K I S .