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C O D E  :  R-STR-01

B A S I C  I D E A  :  The Aeolian lightweight 'sakkos' shield of the 5th c. BC

M E T A L  :  18K Gold (750˚) - platinum and rhodium plated

L I T H S  :  Black and White Diamonds, Blue, Yellow, Pink and Orange Sapphires, Ruby, Emerald, Amethyst, Aquamarine and Peridot

C A R A T S  :  Black Diamonds: 2.60cts, White Diamonds: 0.80cts, Multi-coloures Sapphires: 1.83cts, Ruby: 0.10ct, Emerald: 0.20ct, Amethyst: 0.10ct, Aquamarine: 0.12ct, Peridot: 0.12ct

O N O M A T O L O G Y   E T Y M O L O G Y  :  Strategist > Gr. Statigos ( = army general ) > Gr. v. Stornymi ( = to lay something on a surface ) + Gr. v. Ago ( = to lead, to conduct )

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