Customer Questions

How heavy is a gram?

A US nickel coin weighs about 5 grams..

Do metals have carats ?

Of course they do ! Normally  carats measure a gemstone’s weight, but as far as metals are concerned, carats measure purity of gold, thus helping us categorize our metal.There exist many different purities of Gold:

24 K for pure gold (Venetian)

22 K for the soft yellow golden jewellery

18 K for classic golden jewellery

14 K for the more economical jewellery.

Is it possible to order a ring in a different size from the available ones?

It depends on the construction of each ring. In this case you have to contact us through e-mail correspondence and mention the size you would like your ring to be. We will then get in touch with our goldsmiths because resizing is not always possible. All rings are different and sometimes have specific flowing shapes where a considerable change of ring size potentially destroys the jewel’s design. In this case we need time to contact our goldsmiths to confirm that such an alteration would be possible. If this is the case, we will then send you the new price for the ring, which will include fees for redesigning the whole object using CAD (Computer Aided Design) and the time needed for the whole procedure.

If I order more than one items when do I get a tracking number ?

If items aren’t all in stock, we will send you an e-mail telling you approximately when you will obtain your tracking number.

If I order a ring in a different size than the one for sale, how long do I have to wait until I get my tracking number ?

All of our rings are custom made to fit you exactly, therefore they production starts the moment you make your order.

There are two kinds of rings in this e-shop :

1) The ones that have a simple round ring undreneath : In these we can easily change numbers, and so 3 weeks is the time we need to produce them.

2) The computerized more elaborate ones. These are designed to be a 7 1/4 size USA, and any order for three numbers up or down, we can easily redesign them, as it is out of the question to do this manually, as the shapes are more complicated. For ring orders which are more than three numbers we will answer you through e-mail about whether such an alteration is possible. Some extra time is definitely needed here.

Do I pay tax in order to get my package ?

If you are ordering from outside the European Market, make sure to check with your local customs postal service, if they require any tax or ask you to show proof of payment.

Is it possible to order a ring with a different gem ?

We are responsible for the aesthetic result of each item we produce, so it is possible to have an order with different gemstones, provided that the result is harmonious to the eye and the colour combinations correct. Communication through e- mails is equally important for the discussion of this matter ( final gems and new prices ) .