We are a new company that designs, makes and sells uniquely designed jewellery. We offer a selection of rings, earrings, bracelets, brooches, necklaces and cufflinks.

The items displayed in this website have been created after years of study.

Architecture with all optical corrections, sculpture, close study of nature plus the laws of geometry have led to one major conclusion: Nature is perfect but if one merely tries to imitate it, the result is less significant.

How often have we seen butterfly brooches packed with stones looking as if they weigh a hundred kilos? Too often one would say. Those results are bad simply because the butterfly – art object – should look as light as possible, no matter what material has been used. There is an old saying that has been taught by the Great Masters of sculpture: “If when you look at an object of Art the first thing that crosses your mind is the quantity of material used – or rather wasted – on it, then this object is wrongly designed”. To solve this problem, we have used laws lent from Architecture. We use – like we would have done for a building’s design – the dialogue between compact and void volumes. This is our way to solve the issue of big volumes which need to look light not only to the eye, but also they should feel so on us when we wear them as pieces of jewellery.

Our second big secret in designing our products lies in the sheer design of our logo.

The Golden Section. The greatest secret ever, was used in  Ancient times to create monuments and during the Renaissance the positioning of the painters themes on canvas, can be discovered in a simple – but so wise – rule of proportions; the most important rule in designing something beautiful and harmonious to the eye.

For all the above reasons, our philosophy can be said in one sentence:

T H E R E   I S   N O   F A S H I O N   F O R   T I M E L E S S   D E S I G N