Philosophy of the Protagonist


Xaris Apergi studied Architecture and Engineering at the Metsovion Polytechnic ( National Technical University of Athens ), and has worked as a freelance architect, specializing in renovation of classical buildings. She also studied marble carving at the Jean Francois atelier of sculpture in Paris, and the renown Filippotes marble workshop in Vrilissia, Attica. She has also learned moulding and classical figurative sculpture at the Armakolas workshop in Varnava, Attica.  Xaris Apergi speaks fluently English and French, has studied piano, ballet, and has a degree in flamenco dance ( Sociedad de Baile Español ).Xaris loves poetry, classical music and dance, and currently lives and creates her unique pieces of Art, in Plaka, next to the ancient Agora of Athens.Her work is inspired by her love for geometry of the ancient Greek temples and in particular, the mathematical aesthetic concept of the Golden Ratio, by the divine beauty of Nature, and the etymology of the magnificent ancient Greek language. Just as her work as an architect, she combines classical and modern elements, juxtaposing solid versus void spaces, thus creating harmonious objects characterized by voluminous weightlessness gracefully adorning the human body. All her collections are being produced in Greece by top experts of the field, and are made using precious metals and gemstones, combining ancient techniques with the latest computer technology.Her work delivers the God from within, attracting as a magnet the positive content of the human soul, in an ascent to the divine. Reaching out to touch, to conceive and articulate beauty and truth in words of form.She has also acquired a goldsmiths degree from the Galileo School in Athens and is currently the sole designer of her own fine jewellery collections, produced by her own company, IRIDAN LTD.

This website is dedicated to my grandfather Konstantinos Apergis, my mother Efstathia Apergi and my beloved teachers Konstantinos & Emmanouel Zacharakis.