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    B A S I C   I D E A  :  Five-ray flowers

    The pentad’s symbolism can be directly related to the Divine Proportion. And the regeneration of the pentad is related to the value of phi (Ф). The image of the pentad is found in nature in leaves and flowers. The Greeks believed each point of the pentad to represent an element: water, earth, air, fire, and idea.

    M E T A L  :  Solid White and Yellow 18K (750˚) Gold

    L I T H S  :  Diamonds and Garnet

    CARATS: Diamonds: 0.36ct, Garnet 1.16ct

    O N O M A T O L O G Y   E T Y M O L O G Y  :  anhophoria > Gr. anthos ( = flower ) + Gr v. ferein ( = to bear)


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